Cyrinthian Divinity

The Cyrinthian Divinity is as old as any of the races can remember, even the elves. It is shared by many different people across the land, each worshiping in their own ways. While the beliefs are common, many worshipers have their own view of events and opinions. The orcs and goblins, for instance, believe that Delgarn is the rightful ruler of Cyrinth, the realm of the gods, since he defeated Molfirth in a duel, despite the fact he cheated. The Elves believe themselves direct descendants of Molfirth and many use this belief to make claims over the whole of the world. There are many stories but what follows is the important central story.

The Beginning

Molfirth was the first, the first of everything in the universe. He emerged from the Primordial River that stretches across the night sky. He was born with the knowledge of all that was and would be and gifted with sight that allowed him to see everything to come and everything that had been. His powers were new to him and he began crafting from the shores of the Primordial River. He made the stars in the billions and threw them across the sky as he played, moons and suns were toys to be rolled along the bottomless floor, thousands of worlds were made and destroyed out of frustration.

He grew tired of this after some millennia and was lonely, so with the Primordial River he made himself a wife and she was named Vilka. Together they created and destroyed, played and laughed, until they too grew bored and lonely. Using their abilities they drew again from the Primordial River and crafted a ball of stone and called it Aesgon. The world was smooth and flat, quite plain indeed. Molfirth and Vilka made themselves a home in the center of the stone ball and there they had a child and his name was Gothfirth. Gothfirth wanted for power and fled Aesgon when he was older, destroying the many creations of his father and mother. Again they laid together for another child, but this time they did so upon the surface of the world and produced another son.

His name was Donnagh and he was powerful but restrained. He followed his brother for a thousand years cleaning the skies of Gothfirth’s destruction. When the brothers met at the banks of the Primordial River Gothfirth was thrown into the current and was lost beneath its waves. Donnagh and Vilka thought him destroyed but Molfirth knew better. In secret and with great haste he crafted a half-son from the Primordial River and used his blood in him, and his name was Krall. Krall and Donnagh knew not they were brothers but got along well enough. In time the brothers were tasked by Molfirth to craft the rivers of Aesgon, with Krall cutting the stone and filling the cuts and gouges with water, and Donnagh giving him the light to work by.

When the waters filled the land Molfirth insisted Vilka lay with Krall and together they had a child, his name was Ylles. Ylles was tasked with raising the mountains from the sphere and giving character to the land. Occasionally he would get bored and so in secret he would raise islands out of the sea to annoy his father Krall. The two were play tricks on each other quite often with Krall filling in Ylles’s caverns with water, and in exchange Ylles would place more islands in the sea. Eventually the land was no longer smooth and the gods were content with their creation. They lived on the stone world for some time before boredom set in again.

From the Primordial River Krall forged himself a wife and called her Ezermoth, and she was made with the hairs from Vilka. She knew all the knowledge of her father but had none of the foresight. She praised herself on being smarter than her siblings and grew vain. She lived alone for many eons, shunned by the other gods, so she made herself two brothers, Heimall and Bashner, and they were of the blood of Molfirth. Ezermoth held much sway over the pair and tasked them with crafting a great forest across the world so that she could hide her knowledge from the others. They did so and Molfirth allowed it, eventually allowing Ezermoth back to them with her new brothers.

When Gothfirth reappeared his face was blank and his skin black like the night sky. His anger emanated from him and his hatred spewed forth as a plague to fill every dark corner of Aesgon with evil. In his time past he had forged himself his own family and hid them far away in the dark corners of the sky where even the stars could not reach them. Kelmith, his wife and the Master of shadows, Faryn his jealous mistress of lust and vanity, Delgarn the son of strength, bringer of the black skies, and Myrkellus, the master of the bones. Together they did irreparable damage to the world and mutated many of the animals in the Sylvan Forests into wretched beasts. They tore meat from each other and killed purely to kill, Gothfirth would have his revenge.

The Culmination of the Wicked

Molfirth saw this was to come and had been creating lesser forms of him and the others, and he called them the Elvadinar, what we know as Elves. He sent them to try and tame the world while Donnagh did battle with his brothers and sisters against his brothers wicked clan. Nageth the Sky Serpent severely injured Donnagh with a venomus bite that would occasionally black his light for a time, leaving only the cold. Virgot the Pestilent was tasked by Gothfirth to take a small box he had crafted and hide it in the center of Aesgon to be opened after the last of the Gods of the Light, the Ar’Mol, were destroyed. The Imp did this but forgot where he placed it and when he returned battle was in full sway as Myrkel commanded the armies of the dead on the surface of Aesgon to find the box.

Koli the Smith forged tirelessly balls of fire and molten metal which were given to Wolcyth the Peaceful to hide in the mountains in case the box was found. After a thousand decades of never ending war Gothfirth and his clan fled into Aesgon, using the many caverns and dark to hide. Koli shook the world and trapped the Ar’Goth and his evil minions inside where the stayed. With such destruction across the world and the gods so weak the y each created a race to tend to the world. The Elves were tasked with keeping knowledge and the arts of the arcane while the dwarves were given the secrets of metal and stone. Molfirth crafted humans, given shorter lives than the others he saw this as teaching them to learn and be respectful, to not grow vain and greedy. He shared with them a small part of knowledge from every aspect he knew. Satisfied they left Aesgon to reside in the land of eternal rest, Cyrinth.

There they rested and waited, tending to their wounds and guiding their children along the paths of restoration. Occasionally a minion of Ar’Goth would make his was to the surface world but quickly be dispatched, until Gothfirth found a way out. He hid in the shadows of the dark and moved by night when Donnagh was sleeping. He used his poison and cast wicked curses so powerful that Molirth could not break them. Greed, Lust, Envy, Pestilence, and Hate spread across the races and caused divisions among them. Still weak, the only thing the Ar’Mol could do was to banish the dark gods back into their prisons but not before their minions escaped to the surface.

They were weak, and could no longer help their children, using the last of their power they blessed the races and left for Cyrinth where they promised their children they would go so long as they stayed to the light. Should they falter, they were promised eternity in the same prisons as the dark ones. Now the battle rages, between the light and the dark, and between groups in both of these factions. Humans battle humans, elves against dwarves, and all of them against the evils that fight each other. The last curse placed upon the world by Gothfirth is well know, it is called the Chaos.

Cyrinthian Divinity

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