The venerable order of Druids is as old as the gods themselves with the first intelligent life forms being keepers of the forests and nature. Their practices are mysterious and very few people ever come in contact with druids. As such their order has been spared from even the most zealous religious uprisings in the world, including the recent events in the Empire of Ethelgart. The druids live in hidden pockets across the world where reality folds in on itself, they call these Sanctuaries. Only with a particularly old and specific word will these Sanctuaries reveal themselves, no one really knows if this is true though, seeing as the Druids keep to themselves.

Several druids have made themselves openly known in the past, some unleashing primal furry against their enemies while others have used their power to turn back nature itself, manipulated by an evil force. The duty of the Druids is to maintain balance, keeping nature protected, and driving out the disease that follows evil. A particularly famous druid was Mackel the Healer who gave his whole life essence to cure the Imperial Forests of the north from the Blight brought trolls and goblins.

Druids call upon Heimall the forest keeper and his brother Bashner the Sylvan God, father of creatures. Two very important holidays are called Ostra and Ukwin, or Life and Death. During Ostra the druids travel across the land and can be seen from a distance planting highly toxic Nerium which is then harvested during Ukwin for rituals. The plant is so toxic that no one knows how the druids consume it, aside from being quite protected by the gods.

Across all of time only a handful of rulers have attempted to annihilate the Druids and each time their rule has ended with devastating plagues and natural disasters. Some people claim that the ruins of an extinct empire lay beneath the Quinnbern mountains that divide the continent, the mountains being raised above the empire to destroy them. Currently no known declaration has been issued against the Druids by any kingdom but the druids in the eastern kingdom of Trygvald have gone silent with no word of them having been heard in some months.


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